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At Your Service
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Friday, March 8, 2013


Thankfully we are nearing Springtime when repairing and renovating will be at the forefront of all our minds.  Please remember me when you find holes, spots on the ceiling, or decide to add a new room or move those you have into another configuration.  My finish work is done by me and I have 35+ years experience in my field.  Some of the things you will need to think about are:

1) Spots on the ceiling .....  be sure your roof in no longer leaking before calling me or the problem will reoccur.
2) Holes throughout the house.....when you call, find all the holes or imperfections needing repaired so that when I come to do your finish work you will have your whole house ready for company.
3) Pealing wall paper from baths, kitchens or any other room......though there are many methods to use in removing wall paper, misting the paper first and then scraping works the best unless there are many layers.  In that case you will probably need to rent a wall paper steamer which heats up and then use a putty knife.  Sometimes this will result in a clean wall you can go ahead and paint, but more usually you'll need to give me a call to clean up your walls before paint will work on its' surface.
4) When stripping off popcorn ceilings remember to wet the surface first and cover your floor and furniture before scraping with a putty knife.  I can then repair where holes may occur or give you a "knock-down" affect should you want it.
5) New doorway shapes are possible with both a carpenter (I have several) and my finish work.
6) Basement Finish is always a good way to expand your living area.  Though I don't hang drywall, once it is hung I will finish it for you more quickly than most and more smoothly and less expensively than 90% of those in this field.

Now that the weather will soon be improving it will mean more company and how much better will your house look once you do the repairs, renovations, additions and improvements you've been thinking about all winter.  Give me a call at 913.362.6989  or 913.709.4128.

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