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At Your Service
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tom the Taper....what I do..

I began installing and finishing Drywall 35 years ago and soon found that finishing was my strong suit. As a matter of fact Leawood Methodist Church called me the Michelangelo of Drywall Finishing.

The following are the areas of expertise I am happy and qualified to do for you:

1. Small Repairs (such as from leaking roofs (after roof is repaired/replaced)or after the plumber is finished)
2. Textures:  I successfully apply five different textures and will show you what they are or you may show me what you would like and I will make that work.
3. Patching......from those pesky kids, pets and hubby when he's @*&%) ed off about his favorite team!
4. Light finish work after your drywall installer has completed his stage of the work.
5. Clean up work......after that CHEAP finisher completes what you consider to be a MESS!!

My work is performed by a perfectionist (ME) and when I am finished your home will not show I have been there, except that it will now look as you want it to.

References are happy to tell of my work for them as can be read on this page.  CALL ME at: 913-362-6989 or 913-909-5125 or Email me:

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